Marty Miller Talks Film Soundtracks


I know I’m late to the party on this.. very late. But I’ve just watched the brilliant Martin Scorsese flick ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’.  I know. You saw it months ago.  I did say I was late!

You know what struck me from the word go with that movie??

How great DiCaprio is in the role of the wolf? No..

How deserving Jonah Hill is of his Oscar nomination? Nope..

How beautiful Margot Robbie is? Yes! But no..

It was the work of ANOTHER Robbie that caught my attention, especially through the ears!

Robbie Robertson’s work on that movie’s soundtrack as executive music producer has had me downloading tracks left right and centre! Dare you to listen to even just ‘The Money Chant’ and not have it wreck your head for the rest of the day! (Hmm Hmmmm hm hm hmm ) Matthew McConaughey does the humming/chanting on this in the movie and Robertson’s guitar playing on this is just so damn fine and unmistakeable.

Robbie Robertson – WHAT a talent! A great player, composer, vocalist and producer.

Scorsese and Robbie have been hanging around together for years. Of course, Marty directed The Band’s oh so famous farewell show in 1976, ‘The Last Waltz’, of which Robbie got his fare share of face-time (some would moan) I loved him from the moment I saw he and Clapton play ‘Further on up the road’ together during that concert movie. As we enjoy the opening minute of which, Clapton’s guitar strap falls off, Eric shouts “Rob”, Robertson looks over and without missing a beat picks up the solo where Clapton had left off.  Flawless.

Anyway – do yourself a favour – grab a lil Eartha Kitt, Bo Diddley, Billy Joel, Howlin Wolf or Lemonheads and much more into your life via ‘The Wolf of Wallstreet’ original soundtrack.

Last word to Robbie on this soundtrack, he says: “This is music that gets under your skin immediately.” Hmm Hmmmmm!

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