Marty Miller Talks With Mike Scott


A couple of rather cool things happened me since I last scribbled here.

For example, chatting to Paul Weller and passing off a couple of words of Irish in-case he feels the need during his gig at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham on June 24th and I also had a sit down with Mike Scott of the Waterboys.

This bit got the fans around the world excited, he gave NOVA a world radio exclusive.. Airplay of some stuff from the new Waterboys album, which comes out next year!

Extravagantly dressed, fresh faced and in great form, Mike came by the radio station with a tatty memory stick of rough mixes from the new yet untitled album. The rather wonderful producer Bob Clearmountain has yet to work his mixing magic in Los Angeles on the new tracks, that’ll happen this summer. That’s how new this stuff is!

Recorded this year in Nashville USA, Mike says he found hanging out in that musicland mecca huge inspiration.  Tapping a few of the Muscle Shoals legends to sit in on the sessions you can hear the depth guys like Brother Paul bring to these new tracks. Add the sublimely brilliant Steve Wickham and his violin through a fuzz box to Mikes vocal – it’s all adding up to something we should be really looking forward to!

The new Waterboys album, as yet untitled, but “must pay homage to Nashville” say Mike drops early 2015.

Now back to Weller. He’s a serious fan of Ireland you know and in great form of late! He can’t wait to get back to play on the 24th with a set he was absolutely staying tight lipped about! Mind you a quick trip to will give you the basic idea of the show we’ll get! Paul is also flogging ‘More Modern Classics’, his newest best of. He wanted to highlight the last 15 years of his output and is happy the new collection does just that.

Check out Paul Weller at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in a week and a bit.

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