Massive Wind Farm Planned For Dublin Bay

Massive Wind Farm Planned For Dublin Bay
Dublin Bay wind farm will power 600K houses

An off-shore wind farm with 61 enormous wind turbines is planned for Dublin Bay. The developers of the €1.5 billion project have started a public consultation process before they have completed a planning application.

Germany energy company RWE and Irish company Saorgus will build the wind farm on the Kish and Bray Banks if the project goes ahead. The turbines are expected to be a whopping 310 metres high. Although the wind farm, dubbed Dublin Array by the developers, will be 10k out to sea, the turbines will be clearly visible from the city. The line will stretch as far south as Bray.

The developers say that they have gone early to public consultation as Dubliners are not used to big wind projects like this and the wind farm will impact the view from Dublin out to sea. Other major coastal cities in Europe are already familiar with the sight of the energy-providing farms.

If approved the project will provide enough electricity to power 600,000 homes in the Dublin area. With pressure on the government to meet our climate change commitments, green energy projects like this are of key interest. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the public consultation process will take place online. You can have your say here at