Mescal Quits MTK Boxing Gym Claiming To Be Unaware of Kinahan Link


Irish actor, Paul Mescal has quit training at the MTK Boxing Gym in Sydney, having received criticism for using the facility which has links to crime boss, Daniel Kinahan.

Over the weekend MTK Global, the boxing company founded by Kinahan uploaded a video of Mescal training at the gym in Sydney. In the video, Mescal can be seen wearing a body protector and taking a number of punches. A statement on Mescal’s behalf said he was “required to undertake boxing training” for a role in a film.

The uploading of this footage comes the same week as a BBC Panorama documentary was released, highlighting the links between the gym and organised crime.

Since this documentary aired, Daniel Kinahan has also been accused of sending threats to journalists. Allegations which he has denied. Members of the BBC received a warning from the PSNI of an “unspecified threat”.

You can see that report and statement from Kinahan here.

“A spectatcular error of judgement”

Normal People star, Mescal came under major scrutiny over his appearance at the gym from Government TD, Neal Redmond. Mr Redmond described this incident, as a “spectactular error of judgement”.

Mr Redmond has been outspoken about Daniel Kinahan’s involvement in boxing. On the topic of Mescal’s use of the MTK Gym, Redmond had this to say. “This is a spectacular error of judgment from Mr Mescal or more likely his own management and PR team”.

The TD also said, “Daniel Kinahan’s ties to MTK still remain a hot topic, despite their assertions. The world must be aware that MTK and anyone involved with Daniel Kinahan is toxic”.

“It’s a disappointment. But I have no doubt Mr Mescal will acknowledge this error of judgment or his ignorance of what and who lives behind MTK”. 

Mescal “Not aware of the connection”

Paul Mescal has subsequently quit training at the gym. His production team claimed they were unaware of its alleged links to organised crime.

Paul Mescal’s spokesperson also said in the statement, “Goalpost Pictures and Chapter 2 are in production in Australia on a new feature film starring Paul Mescal”.

They also added, “The production was not aware of the connection between the gym and the man named by Irish courts as a crime boss. Paul is no longer training at the facility”.