Met Éireann Offer Advice To Public With Heatwave Expected


Met Éireann have provided the public with some pearls of wisdom for coping with the heatwave which is currently upon us.

With temperatures hitting between 26 and 27 degrees for a lot of us in Ireland this week, a weather warning has also been issued. This warning is to remain in place from tomorrow (11 August) to the following Monday.

Met Éireann have also added that counties across Munster and Leinster are to receive the brunt of this heatwave. Counties including Cork, Carlow and Kilkenny are to reach temperatures of 27C.

Meanwhile, places like the Midlands, Kerry, Waterford, and Meath are to reach 26 degrees.

The forcaster had also warned of “very warm or hot on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with maximum temperatures generally of 27-29°“. More on this here.

Met Éireann meteorologist Paul Downes had this to say. “For the first time this summer we can say with a high degree of confidence that heatwave criteria will be met in some parts of the country”.

Met Éireann Warning 


Met Éireann’s Paul Downes also advised the public to be very careful, with regards to water safety.

“Unfortunately there have been a number of water related fatalities this year, and it is therefore paramount that water safety is at the forefront of our minds when it comes to enjoying the warm conditions, or seeking relief when it gets too hot”, he added.

“Please follow water safety guidelines and be vigilant of those around you. Check the latest sea area and inland lakes forecasts here”

“With ground conditions becoming very dry over the course of the summer, water tables are low and water should be conserved where possible. So try and only use water where necessary and avoid wastage”. 

Met Éireann’s weather warning is to kick in around midday tomorrow, and remain in place until Sunday 6am.