Met Éireann Reports Coldest June In Ireland For Almost 10 Years


Met Éireann have said that this year has seen the coldest June to be recorded in almost a decade.

The forecaster’s latest statement has said that rainfall levels have fallen below their usual average.

June 2024 was reported to be a cooler month than usual, with an average temperature of 13.18 degrees, making it Ireland’s coldest June since 2015.

The latest climate statement released by Met Éireann also reports that almost all mean air temperatures fell below their long-term average (LTA) across June.

Claremorris recorded the lowest air temperatures, which fell below 1.8C on June 12.

Mullingar, co Westmeath recorded the lowest ground temperature, which fell below -1.4 degrees on June 11. The highest air temperature was recorded in Phoenix Park, Dublin with 26.6C on June 24.

Met Éireann have said that this year saw the coldest June in almost a decade.

Despite falling to below freezing, the statement also reveals that no air frost was reported for June. Less than half of the stations reported ground frost, with Mullingar and Mount Dillon in Roscommon both reporting four days of ground frost.

‘Dull days’ 

According to Met Éireann’s statement, Ireland’s monthly rainfall totals were below their 1981-2010 LTA. Cork Airport also recorded just 35.1mm of rain across the month, its driest June recorded since 2018.

In contrast, Finner in Donegal saw a monthly rainfall of 67.7mm, with Newport, Co Mayo reporting 80.7mm. Dublin Airport recorded 30.4mm rainfall.

The highest daily rainfall recorded at Valentia Observatory in Kerry with 23.1mm on June 13.

June 19 saw the most sunshine on a single day last month was recorded in Gurteen, co Tipperary, with 15.9 hours.

According to the statement, all sunshine totals were recorded above the LTA, with ranges from 124.7 hours at Bellmullet, co Mayo, with 181.3 hours also recorded at Cork Airport.

Elsewhere, the national forecaster also recorded a low level of “dull days”, which were defined as a day which had half an hour or less of sunshine.

It also reported the number of dull days, ranging from one day across several stations, to five days at Valentia Observatory and Belmullet, co Mayo.