Watch: Metallica Release Footage of Grammy Rehearsal with Lady Gaga


Metallica have released footage of the rehearsal for their Grammy performance with Lady Gaga.

The collaboration, which took place in February, did not go as planned when James Hetfield’s mic was switched off at the beginning of the performance. This meant that the Metallica front-man was forced to share a mic with Lady Gaga. The technical error followed a mistake made by Orange Is The New Black star, Laverne Cox. The presenter failed to mention Metallica when introducing the act at the beginning of the performance, only announcing Lady Gaga as the performer.

Hetfield was not happy about the situation. Once the performance was finished, he kicked the mic stand and threw his guitar at a roadie. Speaking about the incident afterwards, Hetfield admitted “I felt embarrassed. I haven’t been that angry in a long time.”  He added “It ended up being a blessing because I ended up singing in a microphone with Lady Gaga. It felt more like a real collaboration because of that.”

However, the band have now released footage of how the collaboration was supposed to be, which you can watch above.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich spoke of the Grammy performance saying “There was a slight technical snafu, but that’s not really something you can do much about,” adding, “You just learn to live with that side of it. It happened to Adele last year; I guess this year it was our turn.”

Photo Cred: jasonklapston

*Written by Orla O’Connor