Michael Stipe Reveals He’s Working On New Material!


Michael Stipe has announced that he’s working on new songs for his debut solo project.

The NME reports that this will be the first new music he’s composed since R.E.M. split up eight years ago.

Speaking to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Stipe said that he’s been writing again since the demise of the massive rock band. Stipe confirmed that he has a rake of songs already:

“For five years I’d had a clean break from music,” he said. “Now I’m writing, composing and recording all by myself and for the first time.” He added that “18 songs are already ready.”

A teaser of New material from Stipe has been shared. ‘Future, If Future’, was performed during his surprise support slot for Patti Smith in May. The singer performed two new songs: ‘Your Capricious Soul’ and ‘Drive to the Ocean.’

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