Micheál Martin Clarifies Comments Over Pubs And Nightclubs


Taoiseach Micheál Martin has clarified his comments, following confusion over the reopening of pubs and nightclubs.

The Taoiseach had confirmed that the reopening of pubs and nightclubs would go ahead as planned on October 22, with certain restrictions still in place. More on that here.

It was also confirmed that there will be no limit on the number of people allowed at indoor and outdoor events. This includes music and sporting events.

Mr Martin also said that the limit of 100 people for a wedding will also be lifted on October 22.


Having also confirmed that pubs and nightclubs will reopen on the 22 October, Mr Martin also said that officials will work with the sector on issues like vaccine passes, capacity, and other rules.

He also said that there will be “anomalies” and different rules in place at pubs and nightclubs.

The Taoiseach did also accept that there will be different rules implemeted. This will include dancing at nightclubs being allowed and no sitting at a bar in a pub.

“Inevitably, some people will say, hang on a second, how come you can have dancing in a nightclub, but you can’t have dancing at a live venue, for example”, he said. “And I think first of all, we have to accept that it is an anomaly”. 

Mr Martin also commented, “What traditionally happens at a nightclub will be able to happen at the nightclub”. 

Many representatives of the sectors involved have questioned why their should be different rules for both nightlubs and pubs.

Micheál Martin promised that the Government would work with stakeholders to establish clear rules for reopening.

“Remember, it took a while for pubs and restaurants to get used to (the rules), and I remember hearing over the summer, ‘If hotel dining rooms can open, why can’t I open”, he said of the “anomalies” remark.

“This goes on all the time”, he added.

“That’s the comment I made today and why I made the comment, there will be, at the beginning, different manifestations of how rules are applied in different settings and different sectors”.