Mick Fleetwood Reveals How Fleetwood Mac Have Survived 50 Years

Mick Fleetwood Speaks Out About Upcoming Fleetwood Mac Tour

Mick Fleetwood has jokingly revealed that “abject fear” of doing anything else is the reason Fleetwood Mac have survived 50 years of upheaval. The band are looking forward to their upcoming 2018 world tour.

Fleetwood joked that himself and bassist John McVie are terrified of having to find something else to do. Fleetwood famously bought an Australian farm in the 1980’s which left him bankrupt. But speaking to Rolling Stone, he has revealed that he doesn’t regret the purchase.

Fleetwood was asked about his philosophy of “No matter what, the band carries on.” He said of the philosophy: “That’s the nature of being in a rhythm section. You need someone to play with. John and I can’t do this in our living room. Also, John and I sticking it out comes from abject fear. What the hell would we do if there was no band? For the most part, amazingly, it worked out – which is a form of alchemy and magic that I will never truly understand.”

Photo Credit: Rockin’Rita