Mighty Duck: Paralysed Duck Waddles Again Thanks To Quad Wheelchair


A duck that was left paralysed after being attacked by what was more than likely a fox, is learning to waddle again thanks to a monster quad wheelchair.

The duck who’s name is Kiwi could not move following this mauling which resulted in her sibling sadly being killed.

Kiwi’s problems began when she was hatched during a school project. As she and her sibling grew bigger, the project no longer needed them. They were then taken in a couple.

The White Pekan and her sibling were attacked by a predator. Most likely a fox.

Kiwi the duck was taken in by the Woodtock Farm Sanctuary in New York and they got her some hot wheels. She can now show her off in her own “quacky races”.

“Instincts kicked in” 

One of their carers, Lizz Truitt said that the sanctuary was unsure if Kiwi the duck would ever walk again.

“When she first came to the sanctuary, we weren’t really sure if she would ever walk again or have any quality of life at all”, she said.“Ducks love water, so we decided to put her into a bath to see if she had any use of her legs”.

But she added,“Amazingly, her instincts kicked in and she began moving her legs”. 

“So we knew it might be some nerve damage and she could possibly get better”. 

Kiwi did regain her strength in the wheelchair. But she went from strength to strength after being assisted by prosthetic firm Bionic Pets.

“They created two custom wheelchairs for her that would suit both indoor and outdoor terrain”, Lizz added.

“They look fantastic as they were bright pink and perfect for her”.

“She’s slowly building strength, and will get faster in the future. She’s very happy with her new wheels”.

“A very determined little duck”

Lizz hailed Kiwi’s bravery and survival instincts following that horrific attack.

“Kiwi has a very big personality,” Lizz said. “She needed that to survive everything she went through before we met her”. 

She added, “Kiwi is a very determined little duck that wants nothing more than to be the star of the show. We’re all so proud of her”.