Mikkey Dee, Phil Campbell Added To Motörhead’s Rock Hall Nomination


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally updated Motorhead’s nomination for the class of 2020. That was by adding axeman Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee.

The rockers had been omitted from the original nomination, despite having served longer than any other members. That is except for Lemmy of course!

, Mikkey Dee, Phil Campbell Added To Motörhead’s Rock Hall Nomination

The Motorhead frontman said that the combo of Dee, Campbell and himself was his favourite lineup of the iconic rock band. A post on the Motorhead Twitter account read:

“Thanks to everyone who spoke up loudly. Thanks to the Rock Hall for listening and adding Phil and Mikkey. All for one and one for all!”

UCR reports that no official statement was given by the Hall of Fame organisers, but the biography page for Motorhead was updated.

The Rock Hall of Fame site added Campbell and Dee to the members iof the band which had previously only listed Lemmy, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. The updated biography reads:

“Motorhead experienced two distinct eras, first in the ‘70s and then in the ‘80s, ‘90s and beyond. Phil Campbell (guitar) and Mikkey Dee (drums) joined the band in that second era and pushed their sound into new directions.”

“Campbell joined the band in 1983 for the No Remorse album and stayed with the band till the very end, playing on a number of classic killer albums that redefined Motorhead including Orgasmatron, Rock and Roll (which includes the very important track “Killed By Death”),1916, and Bastards.”

“Dee joined in 1992 and became the defining rock drummer sound for the last era of Motörhead. His first full album with the band was the classic Bastards. In his autobiography, Lemmy referred to Bastards as ‘one of the best albums we ever did.’”