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Home News More People Could Attend Matches & Gigs Next Month – Martin

More People Could Attend Matches & Gigs Next Month – Martin

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Micheál Martin has said that Ireland’s exit from lockdown could be “accelerated”. The Taoiseach said that this could mean more fans being allowed to attend sports and music events next month.

Micheál Martin said that if the upcoming pilot events prove successful, bigger crowds could be allowed to attend events from July.

The Taoiseach was speaking in Cork yesterday regarding the success of the vaccine.

“In terms of the vaccine, the vaccine is very effective”, he said. “We’re seeing a fall in the hospitalisation numbers, the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) numbers are well down, they’re going down”.

“The impact is really positive, so let’s keep with this”, he added. “We’ve just got to take it step by step, as we have been”. 

“I think every month we’ve made progress”. 

This comes as Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said that workers could return to office in August. More on that here.

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Micheál Martin on Trial sports events

Martin also said that if the trial sports events prove successful, bigger crowds could be allowed attend matches like GAA and soccer as the Summer progresses.

“I heard the Minister for Sport (Jack Chambers) outlining the conditions for trial sports events”, he said.

“So I think if the trial events go well, I think then we can look forward, perhaps, to accelerating spectators at various events”. 

“I think that’s very important because I think it could make a great summer for people”, the Fianna Fáil leader also added.


However, the Taoiseach also added that he was “concerned” with the public order scenes witnessed in Dublin recently. He also praised the Gardaí for the way they handled the situation.

“We were very concerned about that (the public order offences)”, he said. “That said, the vast majority of people behaved”. 

“I believe Covid has created new realities and it’s made it very difficult for many, many people”. 

Praising the Gardaí, Martin also said “I’d like to pay tribute to An Garda Síochána”. 

Adding, “I think An Garda Síochána have worked extremely hard during Covid 19″.

He continued, “It hasn’t been easy for the gardaí either because they’re being asked to do things they wouldn’t normally be asked to do”. 

“It’s been a strange period for them too in terms of the restrictions they have to enforce”.

“So I want to pay tribute to them and to the manner in which they’ve gone about their work”.

He also added, “I think it was a very small minority that engaged in that type of activity because the vast, vast majority of people as we saw from the scenes yesterday simply wanted to go in, sit down, have a meal, enjoy themselves and the vast majority did just that”.

“And I think things will settle down and level out”.

Last month, the Taoiseach also said that “every effort” would be made to restart international travel.