Mötley Crüe Blast Kiss For Using Same Live Show


KISS may have originally been influencers on rockers Mötley Crüe. Now it appears that the tables have definitely turned.

Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee have blasted KISS for ripping off the grand finale of their  farewell tour shows. Mötley Crüe staged a similar spectacle few years back during their own ‘final stint.’

Sixx took to Twitter to share an image of himself and Gene Simmons both being lifted out in the exact same way over the crowd on a crane. He said,

“Wow. Our body wasn’t even cold before they took this exact grande finale from our tour. Might not matter to Kiss fans but it does to Crüe fans. I dug their music when I was a little kid and it was cool to co-Headline together a few years but this disappoints me. Anyway.”

They’ve also shared the new trailer for the band’s The Dirt film.

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