Mourinho Apparently ‘Doused’ In Milk Following United’s Loss

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho not only suffered a loss to neighbours Manchester City yesterday, but the United manager was left extremely sour when doused in milk!

Suffering a 2-1 defeat would leave anyone with a sour taste in their mouth, however, it prompted Mourinho to uncharacteristically enter the oppositions dressing room.

The game which took place in Old Trafford saw Man United take on Man City with much on the line for both teams as the win saw Man City sit at the top of the Premier League standings with United trailing by 11 points.

Nonetheless most of the action took place off the pitch, as it is rumoured police officers were left to split up to 20 players and members of staff from a brawl.

Following the game, punches and bottles were thrown leaving Man City assistant, Mikel Arteta, with blood streaming down his face as his eyebrow split open in the narrow hallway outside Man City’s dressing room.

It is thought that United manager, Jose Mourinho, who was apparently doused in milk and hit with plastic bottles, told Man City players to keep down their music in the dressing rooms after their victory.

Mourinho was on the way to the post-match press conference when he got caught up in another argument with Man City’s goalkeeper, Ederson.

The two started shouting insults at each other in Portuguese as CCTV caught the moment Mourinho stormed into City’s dressing room to demand ‘more respect’.

The Football Association announced this morning that it will seek observations from players and witnesses and they have until December 13th to respond even though the incident was not included in the report of the match as the referee, Michael Oliver, who didn’t witness the incidents.

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Feature Image: In Mou We Trust