Murdered Ballinteer Children And Their Mother Laid To Rest In Dublin

Murdered Ballinteer Children And Their Mother Laid To Rest In Dublin
The investigation into Seema Banu's death continues

Seema Banu’s family back in India had to watch the funeral of the Dublin-based mother and her two murdered children on a projector. The family had hoped that the bodies of 37-year-old Seema, her daughter Asfira (11) and son Faizan (6) could be returned to Mysore for burial but this proved impossible. Ms Banu’s husband, Sameer Syed did not want the bodies returned to India, preferring that they were buried in Ireland.

The bodies of the young family were found at their home in Ballinteer on October 28th. Post mortem examinations on the children showed that they had been murdered. The post mortem on the body of Seema Banu showed signs of strangulation and a ligature found with her body is believed to have caused her death. Gardaí are not releasing other details regarding Seema Banu’s death for “operational reasons”.

Ms Banu had suffered an alleged serious assault earlier this year and had been in contact with authrorities as there were fears for the safety of the young mother and her family. A man has been charged in connection with that incident and had been due to appear in court next year.

The funerals took place at The Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh with the burials at the Islamic graveyard in Newcastle, Co Dublin. Mr Syed, Seema’s husband and the childrens’ father helped carry the coffins. The coffins were opened and Mr Syed became increasingly upset. He prayed and wept over the bodies of his wife, from whom he was estranged, and their two children.

The funeral was attended by members of the Muslim community, neighbours and friends from Ballinteer and the Indian Ambassador to Ireland. Imam Jameel Mutoola of the Irish Sufi mosque led prayers at the graveside. Gardaí were also in attendance throughout.

The Garda investigation into the deaths of the family continues.