Muse Making Plans to Celebrate 20th Anniversary


Muse celebrate their 20th birthday next year, and the band is already planning some birthday festivities. According to drummer Dom Howard, Muse are hoping to put together some special shows in honor of the milestone.  Muse turn 20 years old next February


“It’s our 20th anniversary year and I can’t believe it – it’s February next year or something so I think we’ll definitely do something special for it,” Howard told London radio station XFM. “Hopefully [we’ll] do some special shows for it or something. It will be nice to celebrate that and play some little club somewhere . . .”

As for the band’s famed stage shows, Howard says the guys will have something unique planned for the upcoming birthday run.

After all, they’re always throwing around new, ambitious stage ideas. “There’s always ideas hanging around for shows,”

Howard said. “We always find ourselves coming up with ideas we probably can’t achieve and then we end up scaling things back so there’s always a list of ideas that we haven’t accomplished yet so we can go back to things.”