Point v 3Arena: Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?
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Point v 3Arena: Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

Cíara Spain By Cíara Spain - March 9, 2018

This is a topic that has generated much debate around Nova headquarters and it seems there is no right answer at the moment - but we want to know what you think....

For some of us we love the feel of the 3Arena, how you can sit in any seat or stand in any corner and the view and sound will be exquisite.

It never changes - probably one of the best venues for a gig in Ireland.

Bu then there was once The Point Depot.

It may have been grubby and possibly a little sweaty - but was that not the way gigs were supposed to be?


Are we holding on to the romantic notion of what concerts are supposed to be (sans 10 thousand phone recordings) or do we genuinely miss the feel of The Point Depot in all it's glory?

We want your expert opinion - get voting now to settle the debate once and for all....

Cíara Spain

Online Content Editor with Nova.ie, keeping you up to date with all things news, sport and entertainment.

When I'm not at my desk you'll find me hiding behind a lens, a book or attending GAA games across the country. If not, I'll be busy complaining about the weather!

Also – I’m a festival lover, so when the summers out I spend most of my time nestled in the sweaty trench of any concert hall that will let me in the doors...

Standard and basic – enjoy :)

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