Nearly One In Two Irish People Keen To Crown Charles Survey Reveals!

King Charles III - Queen Consort Camilla - Instagram via theroyalfamily

48% of Irish adults claim to be interested in the coronation of King Charles III as the monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of the Commonwealth!

However the future monarch and his wife Camilla are only the third most favourite royal couple at 20% just behind Harry and Meghan in second on 29%

Prince William and Kate remain far the most popular in Ireland with 51% of the survey revealing.

42% of Irish people ‘love‘ reading about the Royals and their wags and partners according to a national survey of 1,000 people carried out for online lottery company Lottoland.

Far more women (55%) than men (41%) will follow the weekend’s events in London but less people in Dublin are interested than compared to others regions in Ireland (45%)

Leinster counties will lap up the coronation with a lascivious 51% polled, revealing their Saturday viewing is all planned out.

Interestingly the Lottoland survey shows that when it comes to Ireland’s favourite royal couple the rebel duo of Harry and Meghan (39%) got pretty much the same popularity vote as William and Kate (40%) by the youngest 18-34 age group.

Similarly Dubliners almost gave Harry and Meghan (37%) the same amount of their popular vote as they did to William and Kate (41%) whilst the latter and future King-Queen duo got their biggest votes in this country from the Leinster folk (60%) and the over 55 age group (58%).

When it comes to the country’s interest levels in the trials, tribulations and gossip around the younger royal couples especially the new King Charles’ two sons, nearly 2 in every 3 (64%) here are either really interested or have a slight interest in the gossip and rows portrayed in the various press and social media channels with over 2 in every 5 having a strong fascination in their lives (42%).

Lottoland’s VP of Corporate Affairs Laura Pearson said “Who knew that the Royal family had such a strong Irish following and we were especially surprised at the popularity of the prodigal couple Prince Harry and Princess Meghan amongst Dubliners and particularly the younger population here. We know that many will be watching events in London with interest this weekend so here’s hoping everyone in the Royal Windsor family gets along on the big day!