All You Need To Know About – Elaine Stenson


Agh they’re back, Colm and Lucy have kickstarted their brand new breakfast show on Radio Nova, but there’s a couple of things we need to bring to your attention first.

Well they don’t run the show on their own now, do they?

No – so we want you to get to know the full line-up here on the Colm and Lucy Breakfast Show.

And first up, here’s a couple of things you should know about the upbeat, kind and somewhat blunt Nova news reader, Elaine Stenson:

Q: How often do you think you’ll fight with Colm and Lucy?

I won’t – they’re too much fun to fight with.

Q: What’s your best festival tip? 

Book a hotel room.

Q: When were you last out until 4am?

In March – went for one… you know the rest!

Q: What is the last gig you ever went to?

Elbow at 3ARENA in February.

Q: Name one thing you don’t like about Colm and Lucy?

Their personalities! (Both!!)

Q: Which one is your favourite presenter?

Pat Courtenay!

Q: What’s the last lie you told your boss? 

I love my job!

Here’s hoping Colm and Lucy aren’t reading this one – kudos to Pat though!