Neil Young bought copies of “Comes A Time” to use as shingles for barn roof


Yes this is true, in an interview with Rolling Stone the Rock Icon has revealed that due to a mastering error on the 1978 album “Comes A Time” he was dissatisfied with how the album sounded which led him to taking copies of the album off the market. Rolling Stone asked him if this was true to which he replied:

“The tape got damaged when it went through the airport or something. I had to go back and use a copy of the master — it was a copy, but it had better-sounding playback than the other one. No, no, I made a barn roof out of them. I used them as shingles.”

The interview with Rolling Stone was about Young’s new venture the Pono Music Player which we reported on recently. To give you another update as to what exactly the Pono is here’s a snippet from a press release regarding the device:

“The Pono is a purpose-built, portable, high-resolution digital-music player designed and engineered in a ‘no-compromise’ fashion to allow consumers to experience studio master-quality digital music at the highest audio fidelity possible, bringing the true emotion and detail of the music, the way the artist recorded it, to life.”