I Gave Up Netflix For Lent… I Feel Like I’m Cheating!


So it has been a full week without my beloved Netflix and I have not caved… however, I do feel like I’m cheating!

During the week I normally go home in the evenings and make dinner, organise my lunch for the next day, a little cleaning or whatever and then off to the sitting room with my housemates.

It’s a general chill, boring, evening – we watch a couple of episodes here and there, our latest being Stranger Things 2 (until I pressed pause on that one for six weeks).

Why am I telling you this? Because I realised this week that it’s not necessarily Netflix binges that I miss, more so than the general banter and bonding over a TV series with your mates.

Sounds corny and I know you’re all saying there’s plenty of other ways to get to know one another but…

Why should my housemates have to stop watching Netflix because of me?

First world problems have turned to first world guilt and I can feel myself retreating back to my room in the hope a few books may distract me for a while…

Anyone want to start a book club?!

Side note: all the sneaking past the TV and scrolling by the Netflix button makes me feel like I’m cheating on something!