New Nightclub Guidelines Urge Live Bands To Not Encourage Singing Or Loud Chanting!


Anyone clubbing tomorrow will need to have a ticket bought at least an hour in advance. New guidelines published on Thursday evening say compliance officers will be checking up on venues to ensure the system’s in place.

You’ll need a ticket bought at least an hour in advance to get into a nightclub as well as a digital covid cert and photo ID. The ticket will need to be on your phone to facilitate contact tracing.

Anyone already inside the venue from earlier in the day can stay once they meet those requirements. Bar service can operate in nightclubs with one metre social distancing for ordering, paying for or collecting food and drinks.

Proper ventilation and hand washing facilities must be in place as well as avoiding congregation outside. The guidelines also ask artists performing in live venues not to encourage people ‘to sing‘ or ‘chant loudly‘ or break social distancing.

Meanwhile the Taoiseach has denied that anyone in the nightclub sector has been badly treated by Government as updated regulations for the sector have been published.

They require a ticketing system for entry into nightclubs and social distancing in queues both outside and inside.

Their publication gives nightclubs just 24 hours to bring themselves into compliance before they take effect tomorrow.

Micheál Martin has denied the industry has been treated poorly:

Well I would say first of all that no one has been treated like dirt ….. I don’t know if anyone has said that? {Told that the LVA (Licenced Vintners Association) has} …. The LVA just needs to moderate its language. Government has been extremely supportive of the industry and a lot of people in the industry have said that to me consistently. We need balance here you know, on public health matters.”