New Oasis Documentary Is Called ‘Supersonic’


A new Oasis documentary is set to release later this year and it will be called Supersonic. The title is of course the name of one of the band’s biggest songs.

The new Oasis documentary features up close and personal footage of the band, as well as never before seen archive material and interviews with the band. It’s reportedly said to follow them from the moment Liam and Noel Gallagher began making music together, to the present day.

Noel Gallagher recently spoke about the documentary film in a recent press release. He said “The love and the vibe and the passion and the rage and the joy that are coming from the crowd, if anything, that’s what Oasis was.”

Liam Gallagher also commented on the new film comparing Oasis to a Ferrari “Great to look at, great to drive and it will f**king spin out of control every now and again when you go too fast,” adding that “but I loved every minute of it.”

Since 2009 when Oasis split up, the two brothers have pursued their own projects. Liam Gallagher formed a new band Beady Eye, but they would later disband in 2014. Noel Gallagher would pursue a solo career with his band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Photo Credit: freschwill