New Pearl Jam Single ‘Four Corners’ Turns Out To Be Funny Hoax!

Cornell Tribute

As Nova reported earlier this week, a rumour regarding new Pearl Jam music had been spread. A Philadelphia radio station called WMMR announced that the Seattle rockers will release a new single this week.

Alas, it was a joke song but a pretty good practical joke nonetheless. Check out the video where the station hosts announce the new Pearl Jam single, ‘Four Corners’, below.

However, Alternative Nation maintains that the radio station DJ’ s had heard rumors about new Pearl Jam music on the cards and that those reports were legitimate. Thanks to Brett Buchannan who transcribed what they said at WMMR,

“We’ve been talking about possible new Pearl Jam music all week, because we heard from Bill Weston there might be some…The rumor is actually that there is new music from the band that is supposed to surface I guess this week, but whether that comes to pass or not, we will see.”

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