A New Graded System For Speeding Fines

Graded System For Speeding Fines

A new system for fining motorists caught speeding will be presented to Cabinet today.

It would see people charged a higher amount the more they’re over the limit.

These proposals will see a new graded system put in place for speeding fines.

It means someone caught 10 km an hour over the limit will get 2 penalty points and an €80 euro fine.

But a driver 20 km over the limit would get 4 points and a €150 fine.

And anyone caught 30 km over would get 6 points on their licence and a €200 fine.

According to the Irish Times, Transport Minister Shane Ross will also propose an €80 fine and automatic penalty points for any driver who doesn’t have their licence to hand if they’re pulled over by Gardaí.