New Unit Opens In Portlaoise For Country’s Most Violent Prisioners

Country's Most Violent Prisioners

A new unit has opened for the country’s most violent and complex prisoners in the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise.

The unit is the first of its kind in Ireland and offers a different approach to dealing with dangerous inmates.

There are over 3,900 people in custody across the country at the moment.


Of these, 5 are considered the most complex prisoners – with a propensity to violence and disorder.

Now, they will be brought here to a new ‘violence reduction unit’ in the Midlands Prison.

Instead of a high security, riot gear approach – they will be treated in an engaging and psychological environment.


Some will have little sympathy for these prisoners and feel they don’t deserve this open and engaging treatment.

But psychologist Dr Emma Black says they will eventually be released.

And the aim is to reduce the danger they pose to themselves and the public.

This new open approach has been used in the UK to handle violent inmates like Charles Bronson – so it’s hoped it will work here too.