Department Of Justice To Answer Questions On Maurice McCabe Scandal

Department Of Justice To Answer Questions On Maurice McCabe Scandal

Elaine Stenson By Elaine Stenson - December 6, 2017

The most senior official in the Department of Justice will answer questions on the recent scandals this morning.

Departmental emails about the legal strategy deployed against whistleblower, Maurice McCabe, brought about the resignation of the Tánaiste last week.

In her opening statement the acting Secretary General of the Justice Department will acknowledge that mistakes have been made.

However she sets out a defence of their work, saying there are hundreds of people doing good work under difficult circumstances.

Oonagh McPhillips is expected to say that the department has fully complied with all discovery orders from the Disclosures Tribunal.


That's despite the news that emails sent to former Tánasite Frances Fitzgerald and her advisors about the legal strategy to discredit Maurice McCabe weren't handed over to the Tribunal.

Deputy Fitzgerald insists she did nothing wrong, and the statement due to be made to the Justice Committee seems to back that up - saying the Department's advice would always be that a Minister should not be involved in any case before a Commission of Investigation.

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