In Other News This Lunchtime...

In Other News This Lunchtime...

Elaine Stenson By Elaine Stenson - June 13, 2018

1.We may have been enjoying the warm and sunny weather over the past few weeks but Storm Hector is on its way. Met Éireann has issued two weather warnings with gusts of up to 125km an hour expected in parts of the south and northwest. Read more here

2. The award-winning chef, food writer and teacher Myrtle Allen has died at the age of 94. In a statement, Ballymaloe House say she passed away peacefully in hospital surrounded by her family. Allen, who was born in Cork, became the first Irish woman to win a coveted Michelin star in 1975. She was also behind the Ballymaloe Cookery School, which has launched the careers of some of Ireland's best chefs.

3. Uber has applied to use artificial intelligence to determine how drunk someone is before getting into a taxi. The app could be used to feed information to cab drivers like how accurately a passenger is typing and the angle they're holding their phone at. It's claimed the move could help drivers who don't want to pick up drunk passengers.

4. Alec Baldwin believes he would '1000%' beat Donald Trump if he ran for President in 2020. The actor's recently become known for his impression of the Commander-In-Chief on Saturday Night Live. But the 60-year-old, who's just welcomed his fifth child, says his family would be one of the main reasons stopping him from throwing his hat into the ring.


5. USA, Mexico and Canada will host the 2026 World Cup. The joint bid has been selected following a vote at the FIFA annual congress in Moscow. They beat Morocco having received 67% of the ballot. Mexico City and Edmonton are among the twenty proposed venues meaning fans could be facing a 5,000km journey between games.

6. Leaving the house without a coat, not checking their bank balance and trying something new for lunch all made the list of Top 40 so-called risks people take weekly. The average person takes ten mini risks a week according to a new survey. Other risks, include going outside with wet hair, letting the phone battery go lower than 50% and going to bed past 11pm.

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