In Other News This Lunchtime...

In Other News This Lunchtime...

Elaine Stenson By Elaine Stenson - December 6, 2017

1. The Finance Minister expects Apple to start paying €13B in owed taxes early next year. Paschal Donohoe says significant progress has been made on agreements around an account to hold the money.

2. The Department of Justice says it fully complied with orders to hand documents to the Disclosures Tribunal. That's despite emails that went to Frances Fitzgerald and her advisers - only being given to Peter Charleton in the last number of weeks. Acting Secretary General of the Justice Department Oonagh McPhillips was asked why they didn't just do a keyword search for relevant documents and send them all on to the Tribunal.

3. Over 600 cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in emergency departments every year. The Irish Cancer Society says that 62% of these are at a late stage, meaning treatment options are limited as the cancer may have spread. Just a fifth of people diagnosed with stage three or four cancer will survive, compared to half who catch it early.

4. Bomb disposal teams, military vehicles, helicopters and armed personnel will all be involved in a massive training exercise in Dublin today. The elite Army Ranger Wing and Gardaí are to simulate a major terror incident. For operational reasons, the Defence Forces are not revealing the exact time and place of the exercise.


5. Burnley have confirmed Robbie Brady will require knee surgery. The Clarets say the Republic of Ireland midfielder will be sidelined for a 'substantial time', having torn a tendon during Saturday's Premier League defeat to Leicester. Former Ireland international Kenny Cunningham describes the news as a massive blow for club and country.

6. Ozzy Osbourne says The Beatles song 'She Loves You' inspired him to become a musician. The Black Sabbath front man is just one of the stars sharing their favourite childhood songs as part of a charity campaign. Damon Albarn picked Terry Jacks' 'Seasons In The Sun', while Noel Gallagher spoke about his memories of Slade's 'Come On Feel The Noise'.

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