NIAC Discuss Potential Changes To Advice on AstraZeneca

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee is to examine possible age restrictions on the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

It follows the European Medicines Agency report which found a possible link between the jab and rare blood clots.

The EMA has listed blood clots as a rare side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine – following incidents mainly involving young people.

But health officials point out the benefits still outweigh any risks – and you’re more likely to get a clot on a long haul flight.

The UK is going to offer under 30s an alternative vaccine. Dr Mary Favier, former president of the Irish College of GPs, says that could be done here:

I think it is a possibility, a remote one, but I think we will always need to err on the side of caution. Always need to take a steady cautious approach and if that’s what’s advised by the experts when NIAC look, I think that’s what we’ll do here.”

The one millionth dose of a Covid vaccine is due to be administered in Ireland today, but there’s still concern about some people getting one out of turn.

It’s emerged all board members at the Mater Hospital were offered a jab, and some of them accepted.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says the rules are clear:

And while these are in the context of a million vaccine doses, we’re talking about relatively little. You know to an extent its doesn’t matter because it sends out the wrong signal that you know some people can special access and that cannot happen.”

The Mater says it believed the offer to board members was consistent with the intention to protect staff and patients under the HSE guidelines.