Nick Cave Confirms Plans To Write A New Album


Nick Cave has revealed plans to write a new album at the end of this year.

Cave confirmed such plans during at a Q&A at London’s Southbank Centre this week as part of the London Literature Festival, where he also spoke to reporter Sean O’Hagan about his upcoming memoir Faith, Hope and Carnage. 

The singer revealed that he will begin writing his new album, following the conclusion of his headline tour in Austrailia, which finishes on December 17.

Last month, Cave had also confirmed plans to release an audiobook to coincide with this memoir. It will be co produced by Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard, who have worked with Cave before. More on this from Nova here.

‘that’s coming”

Speaking to the audience at this Q&A in London, Cave confirmed these plans to write this new album.

“The thing is, that’s coming, and I know what that involves”, Cave told the audience.

“It’s about a man sitting down in his space and confronting a complete lack of ideas about things. I don’t collect ideas, I don’t write things down or get a cool title or whatever. I don’t do that stuff. I just make a date and sit down and start to write a record”. 

“The initial sitting down comes from a complete absence of ideas, and every line I write seems to affirm the fact that I am not very good at what I do!”, continued Cave.

“It’s a very slow process of just collecting a line together and putting it next to another one… it’s micro-managing these words to get something going, and it just grows. That initial thing, it’s not very nice. I wish it wasn’t so”. 

He also added, “I’ve read Neil Young wrote the whole of ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’ in bed one day when he had the flu. Is that true? And I’m like, ‘Fuck you, man!’ – I never liked that record anyway”.

Earlier this month, Cave had claimed that ‘Blondie’ was his favourite movie of all time. More on this here.