Nick Cave Outlines Hopes For His Kids


Nick Cave has outlined his hopes and dreams for his children.

The singer has experience his fair share of tragedy over the years.

In 2015, his teenage son Arthur died after falling off a cliff in Brighton, while another son Jethro died in 2022, aged 31.

Cave also has sons Luke aged 33 from his first marriage to Vivane Carneiro, and 24 year old Earl with his current wife Susie Cave.

The Red Right Hand singer has been very open about the subject of grief, and coping with loss, a feeling which he had previously stated can be messier than love.

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“grow into somewhat better versions”

In his blog, The Red Hand Files, Cave said that he hopes his children will continue to do their “bit to improve the world”. 

“One of the enduring privileges of advanced parenthood is finally being able to abandon any attempt to live up to the impossible standards set by our children”, Cave began.

He continued: “Instead, we lean back and fall unapologetically into our obsolescence. We understand that we are what we are and hope our children grow into somewhat better versions of ourselves. We feel we have done our bit to improve the world and pray that our children will continue to do so”. 

“We also hope that we have raised our children to be strong enough to withstand the generational contempt that will almost certainly come their way when they, in turn, have their own children”. 

Learn from each other

Elsewhere, Nick Cave also revealed that he and his sons do occasionally disagree with each other, but they still endeavour to learn from one another.

“We old people are mostly content to see the world trip and falter toward a more tolerant, inclusive, and merciful version of itself. But we also want it to become less judgemental and sanctimonious, and we pray this is the case as we seek indications of a better world in the actions and opinions of our children”, he wrote.

Cave also added: “When one of my sons criticises me for holding a view that is a little out of order, or rather less progressive than they would like, I am, on some level, encouraged to see this as evidence that the world is moving in a more positive direction – even as I request they exercise some humility and stop being so self-righteous”. 

Nick Cave is in the final stages of a solo live tour, with his final show taking place in Reykjavik, Iceland tomorrow night. He will perform in Helsinki, Finland tonight.

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