Nickelback and Slipknot Are Fighting Like Teenagers And Its Brilliant


For some bizarre reason out there, there are actually still people out there that don’t like Nickelback. We know, we just can’t understand it either. This time the Nickelback dislike is coming in the form of Slipknot’s front man Corey Taylor.

To be fair, Chad started it all off when he dissed Slipknot as being a gimmick band and claimed Taylor’s other band Stone Sour are just “Nickelback lite”

He spoke to Metal Conveneant when he made the statements.

“I can’t think of another band that’s as diverse as we are. I can’t. And I don’t think that’s me talking from pride or ego.” After the interviewer suggested that Taylor’s Stone Sour project were as diverse as Nickelback, Kroeger replied: “Yeah, because they’re trying to be Nickelback… They’re okay, but they’re not as good as Nickelback. They sound like Nickelback Lite.”

Kroeger also claimed that Taylor has said “some really nasty things” about his band in the press and responded to the singer allegedly describing writing a hit song as “easy”, saying: “Well, show me. Show me. Write one. I have yet to hear one”. Of Slipknot, Kroeger said: “They had to put on masks and jump around. How good can your music be if you’ve got to beat each other up on stage, throw up in your own masks every night?” Arguing that “music shouldn’t come with a gimmick,” Kroeger also said of Taylor: “He got tired of sitting behind a mask — he wanted people to know what he looks like — so he started Stone Sour.”


So the world of ‘somewhat has been rock stars’ being what it is, obviously Corey fired back. Why you ask? Because the world of has-been rock stars is basically just like secondary school all over again and we love it. He spoke to 98 KUPD all about his feelings.

“I was sitting there trying to figure out how I was going to handle this, because it’s so funny,” Taylor remarks of Kroeger’s comments about Stone Sour and Slipknot. “I don’t know what the hell planet he’s living on. Apparently it’s planet Kroeger, and there must be good weed there, cause he’s an idiot.”

Which we feel is actually probably a fairly accurate description of the world that Avril Lavigne’s former paramour lives in.

Taylor says he’s on good terms with the other members of Nickelback, with the sole exception of Chad Kroeger, calling him, “Face Like a Foot.”

“I love all the dudes in that band. I love Mike [Kroeger]. Everybody else in that band I’m very, very cool with; I’ve hung out with them. It’s just ‘Face Like a Foot’ who I can’t really hang out with. He’s got a face like a foot. Am I wrong? … So, dude, curl up in bed with your Hello Kitty pillow and shut up.”

We’re going to have to give Corey major Kudo’s here, cause that is some epic burns right there.

Corey also brought up the fact that Chad is generally pretty massively disliked by pretty much everyone.

“I was so cued up to say some stuff about him, and then I just started reading all the comments online,” Taylor continues. “I don’t have to say a damn thing.”

“He is not a liked person. You can run your mouth all you want. All I know is I’ve been voted ‘Sexiest Dude in Rock’ wearing a mask. You’ve been voted ‘Ugliest Dude in Rock’ twice without one. Stick that up your ass.”


Guys, Guys, Guys, can’t we all just get along like we used to in primary schoool and we can bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy. No?