Noel Gallagher Donates Signed Guitar To Help Road Crew


Noel Gallagher has donated a signed guitar to the #ILoveLive raffle which has been organised to help support road crew and other unsung heroes of the music industry.

Despite the fund raiser being organised in the UK, anyone can enter. All information about entering can be found here.

The former Oasis man has donated an acoustic Epiphone frontier to the cause. The guitar is a reissue of the model he played frequently throughout the 90s.

The guitar can be seen in Oasis’ performance of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ on MTV from 1995 and from their memorable concert at Virgin Megastore in London. You can watch the performance below.

The guitar will also come with a picture of Noel Gallagher signing it.

According to the fundraiser, the guitar has a square-shouldered body with solid maple back and sides, a solid Sitka spruce top with the iconic ‘Rope and Cactus’ pickguard, bone nut and saddle, and the state-of-the-art Fishman Sonitone onboard preamp system for true acoustic tone when plugged in.


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The pandemic has been devastating for the music industry. After nearly a year without large concerts and tours, stage techs, sound engineers, guitar techs, keyboard techs, drum techs, stage managers, production managers, tour managers and other live support personnel have struggled dearly.

Many find themselves ineligible for Government support and are struggling financially and mentally. This fundraiser offers some relief for those in the music industry.

Without these dedicated professionals and unsung heroes, we would have no live music.

At the time of writing, the fundraiser has nearly met its target and the deadline for entry is St Patrick’s Day.

This week, news broke that Noel Gallagher has teamed up with actor Matt Smith for a new music video. You can check out Radio Nova’s report on it here.