Noel Gallagher Enjoys Embarrassing His Teenage Daughter


No matter how cool your rock star dad is, he still has the power to embarrass you at the most inopportune times.

It’s just a rite of passage for every teenager, even if the general public thinks you father is ‘with it’.

Noel Gallagher’s teenage daughter Anais says she was left mortified by her dad, when she was speaking with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Many teenage girls would be ecstatic meeting the boy band icon, however Anais wasn’t left speechless by Harry but by Noel.

She admits that she’s not the biggest One Direction fan, although this didn’t stop her going bright red, when her father started winding her up.

Anais says: “I was in a cafe once and Harry came in. I’d been joking that I’d probably wet myself if 1D walked in. So my dad started kicking me under the table and shouted, “Are you going to wet yourself now?” I literally died.”

She explained that “Harry seems really nice,” and didn’t seem to mind being made fun of.

During an interview with Grazia, Noel Gallagher actually challenged One Direction to cover one of his songs. This is a challenge we all hope is not taken up by the boy band.

Earlier this month, Noel was slagging poor old Coldplay, claiming that when the band release their upcoming album, Chris Martin will have to hand-deliver it to fans. The jibe was a reference to U2′s LP giveaway with Apple.