Noel Gallagher Open to Recording Future Bond Theme


Noel Gallagher has said he would take the chance to record a Bond theme “in a heartbeat” if given the opportunity.

Speaking to NME last September he went on to say he didn’t think he was famous to be asked to record a Bond theme song. “They usually want people who are famous in America, don’t they? I’m only famous in Manchester. And bits of south London.”

Questioned about the prospect again Gallagher responded, “If I was asked to write a Bond song, yeah, sure. The thing is, I’ve never had to chase anything.”
Adding to this, the former Oasis man told the The Sunday Times yesterday, January 10th, that after achieving what he did with his previous band before going solo that he now only wants to “write the best songs he can”.

The latest Bond film “Spectre” was released last October with opening theme “Writing’s On The Wall” performed by pop star Sam Smith. Film makers had originally approached Radiohead to record the theme for the 24th film in the franchise but instead opted to go with Smith’s offering.

Radiohead eventually released their track “Spectre” for free via their Soundcloud page.

Photo credit: freschwill