Noel Gallagher Predicts The End For Vinyl


Noel Gallagher has recently spoken about the resurgence of people buying vinyl and said it will eventually end. Noel suggests that the revival in vinyl sales will die out by 2020.

Sales of vinyl in the UK and Ireland grew expediently over the last number of years, with UK vinyl sales reaching 1.3 million the highest since 1995.

In a recent interview with Q magazine, Noel Spoke about the resurgence in vinyl saying “Yeah I know, unbelievable isn’t it? For the people who still want to buy and own music, for me to be sat at the top of that list really is great.”

However Noel Gallagher was caustious about the revival “That’s until you look at how many people are actually buying it and it’s like a thousand albums! F**king hell, I’ve probably got more than a thousand sat in my office right now. But it’s the streaming thing, there will be no record sales by the end of the decade, I think.”

Gallagher said that he himself actually finds it hard to buy records from stores “Well, where do you buy records these days? I can’t go to HMV. How long do you think it would take me to get out of HMV if I went in?”.

Photo Credit: freschwill