Noel Gallagher Says He’d Let Oasis Reform Without Him


Noel Gallagher seems to be asked about an Oasis reunion everyday of the week at this stage; for once though he actually said that he wouldn’t mind if Oasis continued on without him.

Noel said he wouldn’t have a problem if the remaining members of Oasis continued on with the name. Liam Gallagher and the rest of Oasis formed a new band Beady Eye after the split back in 2009.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Noel Gallagher spoke about the situation back then saying “On the day that I left, they could have had the name if they’d have en masse, called me up. I would have signed the name off to them but they didn’t.”

He was then asked if he would let the remaining members of Oasis reform without him, to which he said “I’d pay to see that (them do it without me). I think it’d be f**king interesting,” before adding “We could start a rumour that I’m going to reform without Liam and I’m going to use a hologram like Tupac at Coachella. (No seriously though) I wouldn’t stop them at all. It would be f**king hilarious. I’m cool with it.”

You can listen to the full interview with Noel Gallagher down below.


Photo Credit: Jose Francisco Del Valle Mojica