Noel Gallagher Says He’d Send Rooney Off If He Refereed A Match


Noel Gallagher appeared on Match Of The Day 2 last night as a pundit and of course was very entertaining.

The Manchester City supporter tried his best to stay impartial when commenting on other teams, though the facade did drop entirely when chatting about his bitter rivals Manchester United.

Gallagher was giving his thoughts on the three games that took place on Sunday, Liverpool vs Southampton, Spurs vs West Ham and Everton vs Leicester.

During a discussion about referees between Mark Lawrenson, Jermaine Jenas and Gallagher, Noel described the ref of the Liverpool v Southampton game as “psychedelic”, musing that for the amount of abuse they get “why would you wanna bother?”

Asked by the presenter Mark Chapman if he’d like to referee a match, Noel replied: “I’d love it, i’d love it, for sure,” before adding “Rooney’d be getting sent off before he even put his boots on!”

Speaking to the BBC before the Manchester City v Newcastle game on Saturday, Gallagher claimed that before games he’s “never nervous.”

“For the last five years, to finish either champions or runners-up is great, but saying that though if we’d kept a few more clean sheets, we’d have been nearer on points and goal difference to Chelsea.”

Taking a shot a the Premier League leaders he said: “I don’t really think Chelsea are that special to be honest, they’re just annoyingly consistent and we’re really inconsistent.”

Asked if he misses sitting with the fans, Noel claimed he did but sitting in the director’s box has its advantages. “The champagne in the director’s box and they have these heated seats in City, which are amazing.”

Talking at the end of the City v Newcastle match, the singer said they’d closed the gap on their rivals and took one last parting poke a Man U. “We still have to go to Anfield, we still gotta go to Spurs, going to Old Trafford won’t be a problem.”

However, Noel did concede that City winning the league this year seems unlikely: “I can see Chelsea just getting over the line.”

Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds will be playing at Dublin’s 3 Arena on Wednesday March 4th.