Noel Gallagher Wants To Work With Morrissey


In an interview with the Daily Star, Noel Gallagher has claimed he’d like to work with Morrissey and Shaun Ryder. It seems Noel wants to share the love of his new found songwriting abilities!

Noel’s latest album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ was a new creative direction under the influence of producer and DJ David Holmes. Instead of bringing pre-written tracks to the table, the album was pretty much devised in studio between the pair.

The singer expressed his desire to collaborate with more artists,

‘If I could write a song for Morrissey that would be great because he was a big part of my teenage years. I’d like to write a song with Shaun Ryder as well, that would be great fun. I would work with anyone and everyone.’

It looks like no end to his experimental phase, Gallagher has switched instruments for his songwriting sessions at home, ditching the guitar for the bass.

‘I’ve been writing songs on the bass recently. I’ve got to say it’s f***ing unbelievable. No wonder Sting is so f***ing rich! Everything I’m writing at the minute sounds like The Police or The Cure.’

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