The Nova Noise


Weekdays at 7am, 8am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

To enter call 01 440 4100

First time caller Colin Gregory has won €5400 for correctly guessing the NOVA NOISE was putting cups into the dispenser on the side of a water cooler. Dont believe it? Check it out for yourself by clicking here: THE NOVA NOISE


These were the clues: 


Clue No.1 – A Bit On The Side

Clue No.2 – It’s A Tight One

Clue No.3 – You May Work Near This Noise Or You May Not!

Clue No. 4 – You May Hear This Noise On The Weekend – Or You May Not

Clue No. 5 – You Couldn’t Make This Noise Up

Clue No. 6 – You Need More Than One

Clue No. 7 – This goes with the flow


These were the guesses: 


100m sprinter leaving the starting-blocks

3d view master

A ratchet on a socket set

A hangman’s gallows

A docking station for a phone/ipod

A bus conductors ticket machine

A cuckoo clock

A salad spinner

A drop leafed table

Adding weights to the dumb bell in a gym

A dishwasher

A breaker switch being reset

Accounting machine

Adjusting a car seat lever

Adjusting an office chair

Adjustment switch on the side of a recliner armchair


Aerosol can

Aerosol pump

Aircraft door opening

Air fresher in public toilet

Airsoft gun being loaded

Airshoot for lodging money in a tube

Allen key tightening a bolt

Amusement arcade punching-ball

An awning on a shop front lowering

Arcade Air hockey game

Archery shot

Armchair with a telescopic leg

Arm of a one-armed bandit

Ash tray draw in a car

Assembly of a counter jib

Attaching a battery to a drill or hedger

ATM dispensing cash

ATM machine taking or rejecting card

A threshing-machine

Attachment child seat

Attic door opening/closing

Automatic air freshener

Automatic bin lid

Automatic doors

Automatic soap dispenser

Automatic tennis ball dispenser

Automatic toaster

Automatic urinal flushing

Automatic wing mirror on a car

Ball bouncing and hitting off a door and the door creaking

Ball cock in an empty cistern

Balls dropping into the basket at a driving range

Ball games

Ball release on a pool table

Ball rolling along a floor

Banging a bucket off a wall

Bank cheque franking machine

Barbers chair

Barbershop cabinet

Bar man picking up glasses

Barperson opening a bottles behind the bar

Bar stool

Basketball hoop for a bin

Basketball into hoop

Basket of deep fat fryer

Basement/cellar door

Basement trap door opening

Bass peddle

Bathrom cabinet opening

Bathroom scales

Battery operator soap dispenser in a bathroom

Battery-powered Glade air-freshener

Bedside light switch

Bike stand being used/lowered

Bin man lifting a bin into the truck

Binding machine

Biscuit tin

Blacksmith’s bellows

Black telephone box


Block and tackle

Boat motor being fired up

Body springing forward out of a coffin!(Horror movie style)

Bolting board

Bolt on the door

Bottle being loaded into a soda stream

Bottle opener and cap falling into plastic bin

Bottle opener behind the bar

Bow and Arrow

Bowling ball

Bowling ball buffering machine

Brief case opening/closing

Briquette being dropped into a bin

Buckaroo Horse

Bucket dropping into water

Builders tool

Bus conductors ticket machine

Bus fare going into the bus fare box

Butchers meat cutting machine

Bypass tray on a printer

Cabinet door swinging open

Call button on a lift

Camera Shutter

Can crusher

Can falling in a vending machine

Candy-dispensing machine

Can of coke opening

Can of tomatoes

Capsule going into Coffee machine

Car driving over a speed ramp

Carrying a box and opening a door

Car seat being adjusted

Car’s bonnet opening

Car bonnet lever

Car wing mirror

Card operated security turnstyle


Card reader on door of hotel room

Car mirror closed

Car not starting

Car park barrier opening/closing

Carpenters bench vice

Car remote locking/unlocking

Car seat moving

Cartridge going into a coffee maker

Carvery spoon clattering as you ask for, “A bit on the side”

Cash dispensing machine drawer

Cash register

Casino or lottery wheel

Cassette automatically changing direction

Cassette lid opening/closing

Cat/dog flap


CD/DVD rom drive ejecting as it is powered off

CD going into a laptop

CD player opening

CD toploader

Ceiling fan

Centrepiece of a Ludo board

Change into the box on the bus and the door closing behind

Changing a drill bit

Checking the ballcock in a cistern

Chess clock

Chest lid closing in Minecraft game

Child latch on a press

Child’s rocking horse

Children’s stair guard

Chip maker

Chocolate bar falling into a vending-machine

Chubb lock on a door

Cinema reel tape spinning at the end of a movie

Cigarette or condom vending machine

Clamp being taken off a wheel

Clasp from a lock

Clasp opening on an old-fashioned chest and the lid creaking

Clay pigeon trap being released

Claw from a toy vending machine

Clay-pigeon launcher

Clicking pen

Clock Card

Clock in clock out machine

Closing and opening a writing desk

Closing a case on a bed

Closing a door

Closing a glovebox

Closing an airplane door

Closing a seat belt

Closing a window

Closing the door of a bedside locker

Closing the door off a coffee percolator

Coathanger rattling on the back of a door

Cocking machine gun

Coffee machine with no water in it

Coffee maker opening and closing

Coffee plunger

Coffin lid opening

Coin being flipped

Coins going into a toll basket

Coin press that you’d find in places like the zoo

Coin stamper

Colourful umbrella being opened

Compressor starting

Cookoo clock

Cooker hood opening/closing

Condoms coming out of a machine in the pub

Confessional box

Coin on table

Coin operated snooker table

Container for storing coffee with a metal clip

Cordless drill being plugged into charger

Cork being pulled out of a bottle

Conveyor belt

Counter lifting at the end of a bar

Credit card copier/machine

Crowbar to open a box


Crushing a cup in a water dispenser

Cuckoo clock ‘closing’

Cup holder been loaded on the side of a water cooler and then a cup is removed

Cup holder in a car

Cutting metal with a hacksaw

Cylinder being inserted into pneumatic tube

Digital clock changing time

Disc going into a computer modem


Dishwasher cycle

Dishwasher’s tablet comparment

Diving Board

Diving board after someone dives off

Docking station for a phone/ipod

Dog going through a dog-flap in a door

Domestic deep fat fryer

Door against a stopper

Door banging on a stop

Door handle being open and the door creaking open

Door hinge stopper

Door hitting off a spring-doorstop

Door being unlocked and opened

Door latch

Door of a parcel motel opening

Door on a portaloo

Door on the side of ship

Door opening in a parcel motel

Door opening on an old car

Door not being closed properly

Door of a Glovebox dropping as it’s been being opened

Door spring

Door stopper

Drawer in the house being pulled out with baby proofing in Dee & Marty’s house

Drawer opening

Drawer pening on a deskside pedestal

Drill bit rolling off table

Drinks dispenser machine

Drinks holder in a car being pushed in or out

Draught beer can being opened with the widget inside it

Drawer on a vending machine

Drawer on the side of printer

Drink vending machine with an automatic door

Drop leaf table opening

Dropping a computer desk chair lever

Dropping batteries into an old torch

Dropping food into a blender

Dublin Bike clipping back into the dock

Dumb waiter

Dyson upright going back on the charger

Egg boiler

Elaborate sort of corkscrew

Electric can-opener

Electric car-mirror retracting

Electric carving knife

Electronic door lock opening

Electric toaster

Electric pull switch

Electric toaster

Electronic garage door

Elevator door opening

Emergency exit door

Emergency stop button

Empty shower head falling


Fairground ride ‘safety bar’

Filing cabinet

Fire exit door

Fire exit door handle bar

Fire extinguisher being set off

Flap at the bottom of a heavy wooden door

Flicking a pen

Floppy disc inserted into drive

Flushing a dry toilet

Flushing an empty toilet

Flushing a toilet

Flush in an airplane toilet

Fold away seats on the Luas

Fold-down tray on an airplane

Folding an ironing-board

Folding machine

Folding up a baby’s buggy

Food blender

Football games on spring

Footrest under a desk

Franking machine

Fridge door opening/closing and the egg tray rolling

Front door slamming and rattling the letterbox

Fussball table

Game of Battletops

Garbage disposal unit

Garden gate being opened

Garment security tag being removed

Gas change in a soda machine

Gate latch and someone clicking a pen

Gear change on a bicycle

Gear on a draw of a cash register

Gear stick moving

Getting a shopping trolley with a coin

Getting up off an old wooden office-chair

Generator starter button being pushed

Glass door of a old hifi system with a magnet

Glove box

Going through a turnstile at Lansdowne Road/Aviva

Going up in a lift

Golf ball being dropped into a toilet

Golf putting machine

Grandfather clock


Grip attached to a table

Guitar case being opened

Guillotine Cutting Paper

Guitar tuners tightening

Gumball dispenser

Guy trying to fit an open drinks cabinet on the back of a bike in a wedding dress

Gymnastic springboard

Gym rowing machine

Ham slicer

Handbrake being pulled up

Handbrake being wrenched on

Hand guillotine

Handle flush on a portaloo

Handle of barista coffee machine that holds the coffee

Handle on an office chair

Hand of a grandfather clock

Hand soap dispenser being pumped

Hands on a clock

Hand towel dispenser in bathroom

Hanging up a house phone

Hangers on a rail

Hangman’s gallows


High Striker (carnival test your strength game)

Hitting a flimsy ruler on a table

Hole puncher

Hoover chord re-winding

Hoover head lever to activate the brush

Horse being bolted up

Horse champing at the bit

Hospital swing doors

Hot drinks dispenser

Hungry Hippo game

Human cannonball

Hydraulic door closer

Ice being dispensed from an American style fridge

Icebox door opening

Ice-cream dispenser

Ice cream scooper

Ignition of a 80’s/90’s car

IKEA magnetic utensil holder

Inboard boat engine starting

Indicator leaver

Ink well in a desk and the lid shutting on it

Inside kitchen bin door

Internal fire door opening or closing

Ignition switch on a Super Ser

Indoor golf putter tray

Ironing board being assembled

Iron holder

Ironing press

Jack in a box


Japanese fountain with spring-loaded buckets

Jewellery box closing

Jukebox arm moving across

Jukebox changing records

Jumping off a diving board

Keyless chuck

Kick-starter on a mini motorbike

Kitchen bin being opened

Ketchup pump dispenser

Kettle being dropped onto its power base

Keycard in a hotel door

Key going into a Chubb lock

Keying the code opening door

Key unlocking a press and the handle opening

Kids playground equipment on spring

Kickstarting motorbike

Kitchen bin

Kitchen corner carousel cupboard opening and closing

Knife tapping on a tableGpe

Knife-thrower at the circus

Knocking alarm clock

Laptop ‘undocking’

Latch/lock on attic/loft

Latch being lifted off a door

Latch off a door on a shed

Latch on a baby safety-gate at the top of the stairs

Latch on a gate

Latch on a side gate

Latch on snare drum

Lawn mower clipping noise when collecting grass

Lawn mower ‘firing up’

Lawn mower starting with no petrol

Letting greyhounds out of the traps

Letting the water out of a washing-machine

Lever arch file opening or closing

Lever ice machine

Lever to turn an engine ober

Lid of an electric kettle

Lid of a tape recorder after pressing eject button

Lid of a CD player

Lid on a pot

Lifting a floorboard

Lifting the lid on a compartment  between driver and passenger seat

Lifting the middle /extended leaf of a table

Lifting the latch on a window at the counter of a public office

Lifting up a table

Light metal cabinet door opening and rattling a bit

Lion roaring

Loading paper into a printer

Locking a bike to a pole

Loft door closing

Loo being flushed

Lowering of life boat

Luas door

Machine at a food counter that seals the food

Magnetic lock on a door

Mattress springs

Magnetic press/cupboard

Marble being dropped into water in a sink

Massage table

Mayonnaise bottle

Mechanical hare/rabbit on a greyhound track

Mechanical light switch

Mechanism in a weighing scale

Mechanism on barbers chair

Medieval catapult

Metal bracket ‘ straining’

Microwave baby bottle steriliser

Microwave door button

Microwave door opening/closing

Mirror on a dressing table

Missed basketball shot

Money box

Money chute

Money slot of a pool table

Mop being squeezed in a bucket

Mop in a bucket

Motorbike on a kick start

Mousetrap board game

Mug being placed on a surface and sliding away

Nail gun

Nerf gun

Nespresso (Coffee) pod

Newspaper delivery box


Novelty money box

Oar on a boat

Office chair

One Armed Bandit

Old credit card machine copier

Old fashioned ash-tray being opened

Old-fashoned brown suitcase like Mr. Bean would have

Old fashioned cash register

Old fashioned hair clippers

Old-fashioned hand-lawnmower

Old-fashioned handsaw

Old fashioned indicators that pop out the side of the car

Old-fashioned phone

Old fashioned rocking horse

Old-fashioned telephone dial

Old-fashioned toilet with chain

Old handbrake on a car

Old jukebox

Old music box

Old phone

Old parking metre

Old school ash tray

Old school video recorder loading/ejecting a tape

Old school typewriter having a return  lever pulled

Old shed or barn door

Old slot-machine handle

Old style credit card machine

Old-style phone dial

Old-style rotary phone

Old style tin opener

Old style wooden cigarette vending machine

Old typewriter

Old vending machine for kids toys/bubblegum

Old video recorder loading a tape

One armed bandit

One pair of spring-loaded swingdoors

One touch bin lid

One try at starting a car with a flat battery

Opening a car door with a remote

Opening a car with a normal car key

Opening accordion case

Opening a bottle and blowing into the top of it

Opening a cash draw

Opening a chest in minecraft

Opening a coffin

Opening a door in a cold room

Opening a drawer, dropping in a spoon and closing the drawer again

Opening a Ewbank Carpet Sweeper

Opening a garbage shute

Opening a hard case

Opening a hatchback

Opening jar of mayonnaise

Opening a locker

Opening a lock on a briefcase on a table

Opening a manual sunroof

Opening a magnetic shower-door

Opening a mail box

Opening an overhead locker on a plane

Opening a spring-loaded ironing-board

Opening a tin of paint

Opening and closing an oven door

Opening drawer on a writing desk

Opening a fire escape

Opening an ice box in a fridge

Opening a safe

Opening a thumb turn locks

Opening a biscuit tin

Opening a side gate

Opening a toolbox

Opening chest

Opening mechanism on a set of stairs in a roof

Opening of Playstation 1

Opening the back of camera

Opening the boot of the car

Opening the boot of a car from remote on key chain

Opening the door of a sidecar

Opening the linen chest at he bottom of the bed

Opening the petrol cap flap

Opening vanity case

Orange juice making machine

Outdoor letterbox making a noise as a letter goes in

Oven drawer opening

Overhead locker on an airplane closing

Parking meter/dispenser

Parachute opening

Paper baler


Paper hole punch

Paper-punch before using a lever-arch folder

Paper towel dispenser

Paper tray on a copier

Parcel motel ‘chute’ opening

Pencil sharpener

Pencil coming out of an electric sharpener

Pen being clicked

Pen dropping in to a pint glass

Pepper mill

Petrol cap on a car

Petrol cap opening

Petrol flap on a car being remotely released

Petrol lawn mower

Photocopier tray

Pigeon clock

Pinball flipper

Pinball game

Pinball machine without the ball

Ping pong ball being released

Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’

Plastic bottle falling on concrete

Plastic door on a fuse box

Plastic milk carton being put back into the door of the fridge

Plate being thrown on top of another

Playing screwball scramble

Playing wheel of Fortune

Plug into a socket

Plugging in an electric drum kit


Plunger being pulled off a press door and the door bouncing back

Plugging a cable into the side of a laptop

Pod coffee machine

Pogo stick

Pokegom go sound effects

Pool balls being released

Pool table ball-dispenser

Pool table coin lever

Popout tray on the arm of a airline seat

Popup bin

Popping open a briefcase

Portaloo flushing

Portaloo lock

Post box opening/closing

Post coming through the flap in the door

Postman or woman delivering mail into a box

Preserving jar with a rusted hinge opening

Pressing the buzzer on The Voice

Pressing open on a CD or tape deck

Pressing the button on a kettle lid

Pressing the button on a microwave

Pressing the diesel tank switch inside the car

Pressing the Play, Stop and Open buttons on a cassette-player



Printer cartridge

Printer’s tray

Public toilet door being unlocked and opened

Public toilet roll dispenser

Pull down towel dispenser in a bathroom

Pull-start on the side of a petrol-driven lawnmower

Pulling a handle on a slot machine

Pulling a nail out of timber

Pulling cups out of the water dispenser

Pulling your seat forward in a car

Pulley thing at Kids playground

Pulling back the starting mechanism on a pinball machine

Pulling a keg

Pulling a plug out of a bath or sink

Pulling a plug out of a telephone

Pulling down the cord for the shower water heater

Pulling the lever on a 3 piece recliner

Punch bag being hit

Punch time card machine

Push button on door

Push button pen

Push down ash tray

Pushing the pedal and closing the flap in a pur bar

Pushing and release attic door

Pushing in the basket of a dishwasher and closing up the door

Pushing up an office chair

Putting a coin tray back in a cash register and pushing it closed

Putting a potato into a balloon

Putting in a Cassette tape

Putting money into a lockers

Putting the lid on a pint tin

Push-and-release on a press door

Push-latch on a cupboard

Pushing open a door with your side

Push to open drawer

Putting paper in to an old typewriter

Putting a petrol in a car

Putting money in ticket machine on dublin bus and ticket coming out

Putting up an ironing-board

Putting a knife into a knife block

Putting up or taking down the ironing board

Putting your ticket into the barrier to get on the Dart

Quick lodge in the night safe

Quick release lever on a vice

Racehorse having a drink

Racehorse starting-gates

Radio aerial  being extended

Raising the lever on an office chair

Railway station turnstile

Ratchet on a socket set

Receiver on an old phone

Recliner seat

Recliner chair lever

Record player releasing a record

Release the pressure on a pallet truck

Releasing a bolt on a door

Reloading a nerf gun

Retractable clothesline

Retractable wing mirror on a car

Retractor on a vaccuum-cleaner

Revolving ashtray

Ring binder

Ring pull on a tin

Ripping open a paper tab on a cardboard box

Rivet Gun

Rocking chair on floorboards

Rocking chair, stopping quickly

Roland keyboard


Roller blind being retracted

Roller blind going up and being pulled up and down

Roller blind not staying down

Roller coaster


Roulette wheel

Rowlock on a rowboat

Rubber ball being dropped into a bucket.

Rubber glove turning inside-out as you pull your hand out

Rubber stamp

Ruler banged on a desk

Ruler being pinged on a table

Ruler bending

Ruler bouncing off a table

Rung of an attic ladder breaking

Safe opening

Safety catch on a press

Sail on a boat

Salad spinner

Salt or pepper grinder

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames

Sash cord on an old window

Sash window being unlocked and opened

Saw bending

Scooter ‘firing up’

Scoring on a foosball table

See-saw after someone jumps or falls over it

Seat belt being adjusted

Seat belt going into the side seat

Self-inking stamp

Sellotape dispenser

Self closing mechanism on a door

Self inked date stamp

Serrated knife on a chopping-board

Service hatch at a bar

Service lift

Setting a mouse trap

Sewing-machine with a spool of thread

Shampoo/shower bottle being dropped

Shed door bolt opened

Shed door unlocked and opened

Sheep trap

Shifting the barrel of a typewriter

Shooting a bow

Shooting an arrow at a target

Shooting target

Shop security tag being removed

Shop Counter opening/closing

Shower door opening

Side door of a van opening

Side gate opening

Side of a baby’s cot sliding up and down

Side panel on a fire-door being unlatched

Sink plunger

Sink waste disposal


Skateboard going over a ramp

Skirting board/floorboard

Skylight roof opening/closing

Sliding a car-seat forward

Sliding door for priest on the confession box in church

Sliding door on a van

Sliding glass door lock

Slow closing doors on the kitchen cupboard

Slow-release hinge at top of door

Slot machine

Smoke Machine

Smoothie maker

Soap dispenser


Somebody diving off a diving-board

Somebody opening a car boot

Somebody opening a door and stepping on a creaky floorboard

Somebody sitting back in a recliner-chair

Someone detaching the dining-table extension

Someone getting into a car, closing the door, hitting the central locking and letting the seat back

Someone getting out of a van

Someone going into the toilet with the door closing in fast-forward

Someone opening a ketchup bottle

Someone opening the front door and checking the letterbox

Someone playing fussball

Someone plunging the sink

Someone pulling down a door handle and letting it go fast

Someone pulling a plug out of the wall

Someone putting a toilet cleaner into a cistern and flushing

Someone sitting down on an office swivel-chair

Someone squeezing a water-bottle

Someone starting to saw wood with a handsaw

Someone taking a picture with a mobile phone

Someone turning on their side snoring

Someone using scales

Someone walking the plank

Something going into a deep fat fryer

Something dropping on table

Sounds of a clock turning

Speed changing on a record-player with the arm lifting

Spring-loaded leaf under a table

Spinning top

Spinning top being pressed and released

Spinning chopper machine for veggies

Springboard in front of a vaulting horse

Spring form cake tin

Spring in an antique striking clock with the chimes broken

Spring loaded doorstop

Spring-loaded dover on the petrol tank

Spring load drawer

Spring-loaded hand strengthener

Spring loaded sink stoper

Spring on the back of a door stopper

Spring on the inside of a lever arch file

Spring release catch on an attic door

Spring top bin

Squeegee mop

Squeezing a sauce bottle and closing the lid

Squidgy on the side of a mop bucket

Stable door closing

Staighre type attic door


Stairs on an attic

Starting a cement mixer

Stalls opening on a racetrack


Starting-gate closing behind a racehorse


Stamper (nightclub type)

Stamper for paper

Stepping on a creaky floor

Stepping on a hoover cord retractor

Stepping onto a Weigh scale

Stopper on a washbasin

Stove being opened

Strap on a cut throat razor

Straps on the side of the truck

Straw being inserted into a cup’s lid

Straw going into a takeaway drink cup

Straw going into plastic bottle/lid

Stop/start stall

Styrofoam holder closing the lide



Suitcase opening

Sunglasses case in a car

Super Ser potable gas heater being lit

Swiping a credit card

Switching on a fan

Taking a cup out a water dispenser

Taking a kettle out of the base

Taking a teabag out of  a tea caddy and closing the lid

Taking ice cubes out of a tray

Taking headset off

Taking something out of a vending machine

Taking the nozzle out of a petrol pump

Taking the spare bed out from under the bed

Tape deck opening & closing

Tape-measure winding back into itself

Tape of CD drawer on a stereo

Tap shoes on a floor

Tapping a ruler on a table

Tearing sellotape from a dispenser

Tearing the last tissue off the toilet roll

Tennis-serving machine

The arm of a record player

The clips on the inside of an old cash register drawer

The door on a large butcher type freezer opening/closing

The lever on a toaster clicking down with a slice in it

The mechanics in a pool table

The sound of demonic posession

Throwing ball into a cup

Throwing rubbish into a skip with the lid closing

Throwing something at a kitchen press to close it

Thumb-latch on a cottage gate

Ticket being punched at a turnstile at train station

Ticket being validated at a train station

Ticket machine on Bus

Ticket into a parking paypoint

Ticket punching machine


Tile Cutter


Toaster getting pushed down but not plugged in

Toaster leaver

Toaster that’s switched off at the wall

Toilet door closing

Toilet flushing

Toilet flushed with no water

Toilet roll holder in a public toilet

Toilet seat going up or down

Tone arm of a turntable coming across

Top falls into bin

Top loading CD player

Toothbrush thrown into a cup

Towel dispenser

Toy car, wheels backed up and then released

Toy shotgun at Funderland

Tractor door opening and closing

Traffic light ‘stop n go ‘ system

Train stopped in a station and being switched off



Trap door of a gallows

Trash compactor

Treasure chest unlocking and opening


Trolley being loaded into an ambulance

Trouser press

Trying to start an outboard engine

Tubberware box

Tumble dryer button & door opening

‘Turn and tilt’ window

Turning a can opener

Turning a lock and opening a door

Turning on a cooker

Turning the tuning peg on a violin


Turnstile at Croke Park

Turntable for an LP

Turntable lifting on to a record

Two pinball machines


Umbrella opening (popping)

Unbuckling a seatbelt

Unclipping and extending ironing board legs

Unhooking a diesel pump and putting it in the tank

Unhooking a shower head

Unlocking a safe and opening the door

Unlocking railway gate

‘Up and over’ garage door

Using a silicon applicator

Vacuum shoot for money


Vegetable chopper

Velux window closing

Vending machine


Vinyl record player turning on and needle dropping

Walk-in fridge door opening

Wall-mounted cling film dispenser

Wardrobe door

Wardrobe door closing and swinging open

Washing machine door

Washing up liquid bottle dropped on a sink

Waste disposal lorry lifting a bin

Water bottle being flipped onto  a table

Water bottle dropping into a cooler

Water pistol/Water gun


Wheelie bin

When the door opens or closes on a cuckoo clock

Windscreen wipers

Weaving loom

Weighing scales

Wii archery game

Winding  a clock at the back

Window latch

Window sealant gun

Wind turbine

Wine bottle in a bucket

Wing-mirror folding in and springing back

Wing mirror of a car being pulled in

Whiteboard screen in a classroom

Wooden clotheshorse folding

Wooden crate getting ripped open with a crowbar

Wooden flooring/decking

Woodwork vice

Yankee screwdriver

Zip opening/closing

Zoltar machine from the film “Big”