Coronavirus Denier Ted Nugent Catches COVID And “Can Hardly Crawl Out Of Bed”


Outspoken coronavirus denier and conspiracy theorist who refused to take the vaccine, Ted Nugent has tested positive for COVID-19. The rock musician made the announcement acknowledging he has been suffering greatly from flu-like symptoms for the past ten days.

Nugent told fans Monday he tested positive for COVID and “can hardly crawl out of bed”, due to aches and pains. In a video posted to Facebook, the rocker said had had “flu symptoms for the last 10 days” and “thought I was dying”.

“I was tested positive today,” Nugent told fans in footage which appeared to be recorded at his ranch in Michigan. “I got a stuffed-up head, body aches, oh my god what a pain in the a–. I literally can hardly crawl out of bed, the last few days but I did. I crawled.”

However, Nugent also spends part of the video ranting about the ineffectiveness of vaccines and spreading conspiracy theories. Throughout the 8 and a half-minute video, the 72-year-old also used racist language to describe the virus that has killed more than 570,000 in his country.

Nugent, a staunch supporter of ex-President Donald Trump, has denied even the existence of the pandemic over the past year. During Facebook live video last Christmas, the rocker claimed, “It’s not a real pandemic, and that’s not a real vaccine”.

Nugent told fans in a video on Christmas Day, “It’s not a real pandemic and that’s not a real vaccine, I’m sorry, I ain’t taking no vaccine! You come at me with a needle, and I will be in fear of my life. You know what I’ll do if you come at me with a needle. ‘Hi, I’m from the government, this needle’s good for you.’ F— you.”

Last week, the Stranglehold shredder famously, and hilariously, asked why the world was not shut down for the previous 18 coronaviruses! The rocker quizzed viewers and said, “I guess I would ask you, because I’m addicted to truth, logic and common sense, and my common-sense meter would demand the answer to: Why weren’t we shut down for Covid 1 through 18?”

Recently, RATM guitarist Tom Morello came in for some criticism for seemingly standing by Nugent and his outspoken ways. One social media user shared an article, in which Morello told The Howard Stern Show that he is friends with fellow guitarist Ted Nugent, despite The Nuge’s notorious extreme right-wing views. Along with a link to the article, the user wrote, “Tom Morello’s white man privilege is showing.”