Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band Plan 2022 Farewell Tour

Okilly Dokilly

Ned Flanders-themed metal band, Okilly Dokilly have announced a Spring 2022 US “farewell” tour, appropriately dubbed Tourdilly Do ’22. The world’s only “Nedal band” will be heading out on what could be its final tour as the band plan their hiatus.

The group is planning to go on indefinite hiatus following the outing, according to a press release, which may result in a permanent breakup. Starting out as a gag novelty act among musician friends, Okilly Dokilly quickly became a viral sensation. The band became a hot commodity after they were noticed by the metal community for portraying the lovable Simpson’s character and neighbour to Homer Simpson. Before the band had even played a show, tours had been booked and the lads were on their way to internet stardom.

Reflecting on their unlikely success, members of Okilly Dokilly said they started the band with goals of wanting to play “maybe two shows. We imagined being the third or fourth band on a seven-band metal show. We would step out in our sweaters and confuse the 12 or 13 people in attendance, and then have a great story. Things turned out a little differently.”

In 2019, everything came full circle for Okilly Dokilly when their video for White Wine Spritzer appeared in the credits of a Simpsons episode.

Okilly Dokilly did way more than I ever expected,” said singer Head Ned. “I’m really grateful for all the people who have been part of it. And especially to everyone who came out to our shows to say ‘howdilly doodilly’. We’ve been touring pretty relentlessly since 2016 and, last year, I became a dad. So, it’s time for a break. It’s time for me to shave off the Ned mustache and grow the dad mustache.”

On the future of Okilly Dokilly, Head Ned added: “We just want to let everyone know that we won’t be touring or making any new music in the next few years. I’m not sure if or when we’ll be back, but for now, it’s ‘toodilly do.’

Okilly Dokilly will tour the US starting with an April 14th show in Tulsa, before concluding on May 7th, in Austin, Texas. If you fancy the travel to see these ‘neighbourinos’ perform, you can get tickets via Ticketmaster.