Clapton’s “Old Sock” Is Inspired By Bowie


Eric Clapton reveals how Bowie gave him the title of his new album

While considering what to name his new record, Clapton came across Bowie’s new song “Where Are We Now?” on TV.
“The construction of the song gave me cold chills; it is seriously good,” said Clapton. “I called the office and said ‘can you send a message to David’s office and just say ‘thank you for writing such a beautiful song.’ And he came back,
‘Thanks for the shout out, old sock…really appreciate it.’
And then I thought, ‘there it is.’
“Old Sock follows some of Clapton’s major musical influences and favourite covers, from Leadbelly to J.J. Cale; Peter Tosh to George Gershwin; Hank Snow to Gary Moore and Taj Mahal.
The album also includes a collaboration with Paul McCartney, along with two original songs – “Every Little Thing” and “Gotta Get Over”.
ERIC CLAPTON plays The O2 Dublin. Thursday 9 May 2013. Celebrating his 50th year as a professional musician.