Jason Bonham, the son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, has revealed that he hopes to add a duet with a hologram version of his father to the stage show of his current Zep tribute band.

As he tells Legendary Rock Interviews, “I’m talking to people about holograms and my dream is to do a drum solo with Dad next to me. That’s my goal, my dream.”

Hologram technology made big news last year when an artificial version of rapper Tupac Shakur appeared at the Coachella festival.

Assuming the right vintage concert footage can be found, it seems pretty clear that this can be done, so the question shifts to should it be done?

Do you want to see hologram versions of deceased rock stars like John Bonham during live concerts?

Case in point,  as an audience, we got VERY excited to see both Keith Moon and John Entwistle make appearances at the recent WHO shows of  ‘Quadrophenia’, didn’t we?

Standing ovations etc for the bass solo during “5.15” and that interaction of screen and live stage action..

BUT – are we just a stones throw from going to gig’s and watching Holograms??

Maybe that’s exactly how the Stones will be still playing in 2130

What a Bonham hologram might look like:

John Bonham Hologram