One In Eight Have Experienced Discrimination


Almost one in eight people in Ireland say they’ve experienced discrimination. A new ESRI report shows that people with disabilities are twice as likely to experience discrimination in all areas.While black people are three times more likely than white people to experience discrimination in the workplace and in access to public services.

This new ESRI research examined people’s experiences of discrimination at work, in recruitment and in accessing public and private services.

While one in eight people overall have experienced discrimination, the problem is more prevalent among certain groups.


Irish Travellers are almost ten times more likely than the white Irish group to experience discrimination in seeking work, and more than 22 times more likely to experience discrimination in accessing private services.

Women are almost twice as likely as men to experience discrimination at work, with issues of pay and promotion frequently raised.

Overall discrimination experienced by people while seeking work has risen significantly from 5.8% in 2004 to 7.4%  in 2014.

There’s been a drop in discrimination in relation to the provision of private services from 6.8% in 2004 to 4.7% in 2014, with the biggest fall in people’s experience of financial institutions.