Orange Order Shame As Degenerates Mock Michaela McAreavey With Sectarian Strain

Michaela McAreavey

Police in Northern Ireland are continuing to investigate the singing of a song mocking the killing of Michaela McAreavey.

A video surfaced on social media of a group singing the tune in a room with union flags and Orange Order paintings.

There’s been widespread condemnation of a video that appears to show a group singing about the murder of the tragic newly-wed from 2011.

The daughter of all-Ireland winning football manager Mickey Harte was killed in Mauritius.

This morning Linfield Football Club, based in Belfast, terminated the contract of an academy coach present in the video.

The orange order issued a statement. It labelled the video “utterly abhorrent” – and said that “the orange institution condemns the content without reservation.”

The statement went on to say that the behaviour not only has no place in the organisation but also in society. The order confirmed it’s instigated an inquiry.

SDLP councillor, Malachy Quinn, says it’s some of the worst sectarianism witnessed since the troubles: ”This is the lowest form of bigotry and sectarianism that I have ever witnessed and I’m sure there was probably worse during the troubles, and I don’t remember, but in my time as a public rep and in my time just in general I have never seen something more disgusting in my life.”