Orchid Thieves are bringing together Hip Hop and Fish N Chips, Cause Why Not?


    What does Cider, Hip Hop and Fish and Chips have in common? Can’t figure it out? Well Orchid Thieves are bringing together all three and taking it on the road in their Start Bold Truck

    They are kicking off a nationwide tour like no other this summer with the pimped-out Truck. The unique and innovative mobile experience, in partnership with Bershoffs, is in order to promote their Start Bold campaign.

    Throughout all of the bank holiday weekends this summer, Orchid Thieves are inviting the Irish public to enjoy some banging Hip Hop choons, while chowing down on Fish N Chips. They are starting off this May 25th and will be visiting towns in Ireland across the bank holiday weekends this June, August and October.

    The nationwide tour of the Start Bold Truck is coming off the back of Start Bold // End Bold, a two-day, immersive hip hop pop up that took place in Dublin on May 12th and 13th. Orchard Thieves infiltrated two intimate venues; one a disused library, the other a derelict chip shop; and brought them back to life to launch the summer of ‘Starting Bold’.

    We for one are pretty intrigued by the concept. Mainly because anything that combines cider and food makes us happy campers.  Keep your eyes and stomachs peeled for the truck during the bank holiday weekends.

    And if they wanna pull a sneaky drive by past our offices, we won’t be complaining. (*hint hint*)

    Find information and updates on Start Bold // End Bold and when the Start Bold truck will be hitting a town near you at #STARTBoldENDBold.

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