Outta Yer Box For ZZ Top


A new ZZ Top box set is on the way.ZZTop web

Warner Bros. Records have set a summer release date for a brand new ZZ Top boxed set entitled “ZZ Top: The Complete Studio Albums (1970-1990).”

The set will include the original mixes for the group’s first ten albums including their 1971 debut “ZZ Top’s First Album” as well as “Rio Grande Mud” (1972), “Tres Hombres” (1973), “Fandango!” (1975), “Tejas”(1976), “Degüello” (1979), “El Loco” (1981), “Eliminator” (1983),“Afterburner” (1985) and “Recycler” (1990).

The original mixes for the band’s “ZZ Top’s First Album,” “Rio Grande Mud” and “Tejas” albums will be released in CD format for the very first time. “Fandango!” will feature the original tracking order.

Each album will be in a wallet sleeve that will feature a reproduction of the original album artwork, including the gatefold art for “Tres Hombres”and “Tejas.”

In what will be their first concert in Ireland since 1985, the iconic band play Cork, Live At The Marquee on 27 June.